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mandag den 16. april 2012

Reblog: Blended 40k Rules for Planetary and Mighty Empires


I recently read this post and decided I really liked it!

Thusly I am reposting it here in my own blog, both for my own memory, but also to show you guys!

Linky link

lørdag den 7. april 2012

3: New paint scheme (and first pictures of the Shadowsword!)

Well. Its that time again :)

After having painted some of my army gray I decided it was a silly idea.

The main problem I find with painting a gray army, is the lack of visual result. Since the standard GW models are gray, it can be quite frustrating to only have skins and weapons to distinquish the models from non painted ones.
This is ofcouse a simplified reasoning, but it boils down to me wanting some more color into my army.

This is what I came up with then :)
I gave air brushing a try, and I think I got out of it alright. I need to do some touchup on some of it.

The shadowsword. Complete with my commisar preachers.

Storm troopers. Oldies and goodies :)

The ratlings! 10 of these has done me great good in earlier battles.

The Manticore / Hydra. now with magnetized weapon. Also this is was my paint scheme tank.

Leeman russ Battle tank. This only got based.

Two sentinels. These tought me its necesarry to have based the models with a dark colar so not to get a color reminisent of... well of baby poo.

Valkyrie no. 2. As you can see the black paint got quite thin when painting camo on this one.

Leman russ Vanquisher.

Another picture of the Shadowsword. Should have some better pictures of the Commisars here.

What remains to be repainted.

søndag den 25. marts 2012

2: My own progress bar

So. A week ago I promissed a progress bar. This is what I came up with

Its basically just a graph of what I have painted and what I haven't got painted.

Quite simple.

In other news, this week I bought my shadow sword!
Its gonna get named when it makes a "significant kill". So for now its just named Kievlan-134-4SH-SW1.

This week I unveiled my idea to make an apocalypse game in the mid of may for my friends, and they sound like they are into it! I will share some of my ideas of how to make an interesting Apocalypse battle.

tirsdag den 13. marts 2012

1: And so it begins

So, this is the begining of my blog.

I want to use this to document cool stuff I find for my imperial guards, pictures and progress and just anything that strikes my mind about the hobby aspect of collecting Imperial guard.

I've attached my collection in army builder format Here
And down below is some pictures of what i have so far :)

In the coming weeks I will try to finish the Drax painting chart.

Feel free to comment, I'm no master of painting or anything, but I've seen worse too :)

Officer of the fleet.

Banner bearer (WIP)

Backside banner (WIP)


"The cook pot" 5 of my 30 ratlings (Got to love ratlings)

My manticore / Hydra. Missles are better at hitting moving stuff anywho.

Leopold and his guard.

Standard guards men.

Valkyrie / Vendetta. Weapon options are magnetized.

Leman russ battle tank. Designation needs redoing.

Basilisks. WIP.

Penal legion - No need to give them propper guns.